Durand & Anastas provides a variety of services for our clients, including:

Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act

Massachussetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) permitting for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. We have extensive experience with the MEPA regulations and the agencies that review projects for environmental impacts. We work with clients to anticipate how each project will be evaluated as it is reviewed under MEPA, and to recommend strategies that are consistent with the client’s goals.


Comprehensive strategies for project planning, agency review, and regulatory compliance. We look at projects in their entirety, including purpose, design, and the client’s objectives so that we may develop the most appropriate permitting strategy.

Government Relations

Local, state, and federal government relations. Knowing when and how to interact with public officials about a development project or public policy campaign often means the difference between success and failure. Our approach to government relations, including early involvement of officials and listening to their feedback, helps to ensure the successful resolution of high-profile projects and policy issues.

Specialized Services

  • Commercial and industrial regulatory enforcement agreements
  • Experience with MEPA Environmental Justice and Climate Resilience Design Standards
  • Experience evaluating and interpreting forest management plans

Public Outreach

Public outreach and media service. For some clients, developing a successful media strategy is also critical to their project’s success. Doug Pizzi, of Pizzi Communication Company, has over thirty years of media experience and works seamlessly with our clients to identify their core message and effectively communicate it.